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Businesses have a lot of expenses. One of the peskiest is energy costs. You can’t get around those energy bills and rate hikes are always playing havoc with the bottom line. It’s enough to make even the most successful businesses feel powerless.

But you aren’t powerless.

Company Energy empowers you with the ability to choose your own energy provider at the best price possible for your business. You don’t have to buy energy from your local utility.

You can purchase energy directly from suppliers who compete against one another for your business . . . learn more

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    How it Works


Here you can discover the very cheapest energy rates. Whether you’re looking for Boston company energy rate, Manchester, NH energy rates, Newark and other cities in New Jersey such as Jersey City electric prices for example, this is the place to be. Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of deregulation.

If you’re in state in the U.S. that is deregulated (see below), then you can save your company money every month by switching your energy provider.

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